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  • Michael G. Parham
    Hi I want to model a software company that is looking to make a few acquisitions together with a financial sponsor
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    • Business-Valuation.net
      Hi Michael, what is it that you want to achieve? a valuation, P&L, BS or cash flow output? There are probably no excel plugins that could do any of that for you automatically, but there are probably a few models out there that can help you. It would have to be customized depending on your input and what you want to achieve.
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      • Lance Rubin
        Hi Michael,

        Perhaps drop me a short email and happy to discuss next week. I have built a number of tech start up 3-way cash flow models.

        Email lance@modelcitizn.com
        Website www.modelcitizn.com
        Author here too on eloquens.

        Have a good weekend.

        Chat soon.
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        • Alexander Jarvis
          Hey Michael - Tim mentioned you need a hand. I worked in FIG M&A at Lazard in a former life and make hardcore startup models for fun (and custom for clients). You haven't shared much (stage and type of the companies matter). Think I made a roll-up model years ago- you basically aggregate companies with template P&Ls that feed into a central one. You can get as complicated as you want then depending if you are public (accretion/dilution), using debt etc...
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