The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking

A 100 page learning process to understanding Growth Hacking.

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Why did we write this guide?

There is a revolution occurring in the start-up world of growth, where we thought we could help people understand the new happenings. For those who have already captured what growth hacking is will have a competitive advantage that can’t be easily overstated, for which we wanted to make a robust framework available for thinking about it.

Who was this guide designed for?

The guide is designed for various groups of people- entrepreneurs, founders, growth leads, or anyone that wants to grow a start-up. If acquiring new customers (and retaining current ones) is primal to your business then you should read this guide.

If customers are important to you, then growth hacking should be significant to you.

How to use this guide?

Each chapter can serve as a mini-guide itself that may be read in isolation, but to make the best out of the content, it is reasonable to read it completely at least once, and then come back to it when a reference resources are needed.

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