Business Model Bank

Depicts a commercial bank with 2 lines of business: Home Lending & Business Lending

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This workbook models a basic P&L with 35 line-items. The many possible combinations of aggregation and segmentation (described below) account for most of its bulk.

Both lines of business have the following 3 distribution channels, through which they make their loans: Retail, Call Center & Wholesale. The Home Lending business also has a 4th distribution channel: "Other"

Both lines of business make 3 types of loans: Conforming, Super Conforming, & FHA.

In the Home Lending business, all originated loans are immediately "Held for Sale" on the secondary market. In the Business Lending, a portion of its loans are retained, or "Held for Investment", in an owned portfolio.

All but the last 3 tabs comprise an integrated "top down" model, accepting high-level assumptions about Total Loan Originations, Variable Costs as % of Total Loan Originations, and Fixed Cost dollar amounts.

The last 3 tabs (purple-shaded "Loan Office", "HomeExec", & "BusExec") are independent of the others.

They are self contained "bottom up" models accepting base assumptions about Loan Executives and and Loan Offices to build up to a consolidated total.

Note: Model created by and copyright 2016, Scott Beber,

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