Quarterly Leveraged Buyout LBO Model

An LBO model illustrating a number of detailed analytical techniques to construct an acquisition LBO model with history

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Sections of this LBO model:
- Periodic Model
- Standalone Case
- LBO Summary
- Transaction and Pro-forma
- LBO Model
- Annual
- Quarterly and Annual
- Standalone Annual
- Prep Course Model
- Total Returns Chart
- Equity Returns Chart
- Functions

- Complex Working Capital in LBO Model (41 minutes)
- Revolver Analysis and Tax and Financing (1h24 minutes)
- Completion of LBO Model (41 minutes)
- IRR's and Annual Summary in LBO Model (22 minutes)
- Final Analysis and Quarterly/Annual (22 minutes)

This LBO Model & Associated Videos are linked to Ed's book, Chapter 4, which you can find also attached.

=> Ed Bodmer, 2016, edbodmer.wikispaces.com

This business tool includes
1 Excel Model, 5 Explanatory & Supporting Videos, 1 Supporting Excel File to Chapter 4

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