Simple GANTT Chart Template for Kick-offs

The GANTT chart template used by Paua Ventures to kick off meetings with our new investments.


When Paua ventures invests in a company, the team sits down together and analyses the coming 100 days or 6 months.

We realized that a good way of doing this was to define a GANTT chart, where activities, activity owners and time-frames are laid down.

Given the positive outcome with the following template, I thought I’d share it with you to help you organize your kick off, board and team meetings etc.

My advice is to use it as a middle layer between your long term road-map and your daily to-do list.

The way this template will help you, is if you stick to it.

To get real value of this tool, you must put effort into constantly updating it, reviewing weekly and hold the task owners truly accountable for their tasks.

Use the template as you like. The content is a sample, which has been derived by a mixture of tasks that have been defined with some of our portfolio firms.

To download the GANTT chart template, click the button below.

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- Federico Wengi & the Paua Team

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