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Adrian Campbell, Associate Director Of Strategy at PHD

Associate Director Of Strategy at PHD

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Candidate MS in Integrated Marketing, New York UniversityProfessional experience with clients such as The Home Depot, American Express, Citi, MasterCard, H&R Block, Kohl's, Macy, James Patterson, Johnson & Johnson, Discover, Capital One, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover/Jaguar, Energizer, BMW, VW, Volvo.Specialties: Account Management, Online Advertising Sales, Network & Spot TV, Local & Network Radio, OOH, Digital Planning, Digital Buying/Negotiating, Print Planning, Sports Marketing, Strategy, Budgeting, Competitive, Market Research, Marketing, Media Training, Digital Audio, Digital Video, Project Management, Retail, Finance, CPG, AutosIAB Digital Media Sales Certified

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