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Alessandro Biglioli, MB622, CEO at Elsius Biomedical Inc.

CEO at Elsius Biomedical Inc.

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I always tried to be involved in things that I thought could have an impact on everyone, technologies that when taken to fruition would change things for people for better. With that vision in mind I was involved in Aerospace, IT, Environmental and Biomedical start ups or government funding agencies that facilitated technology development and transfer. The experience gained throughout the years allows me now to realize which product and technologies can have a global impact and bring also value to stakeholders. In the biomedical field I feel ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a severely undervalued field, with a set of technologies that will bring great benefits to a lot of people, it will help save lives in fields that are in great expansion (respiratory, cardiovascular , emergency care and transplants) and where better tools to treat conditions are in great need. I have so decided to put all my efforts into growing and managing a company (Elsius) that will bring a best in class ECMO device to patients in need worldwide....hopefully saving thousands of lives.

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