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Angok Lueth, Entrepreneur at HEART | Board Member at Golden Fish

Entrepreneur at HEART | Board Member at Golden Fish

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Angok is passionate about bringing out the best in people by showing them their potential, lifting up their spirits, and helping them to achieve their goals. He has a wealth of experience and has achieved great personal success so is now dedicated to helping others deliver on their hopes and realise their dreams.Angok's experience over the past 10 years covers the banking, telecommunication and energy industries, as well as religion and social services. His educational background includes a degree in Business (Accounting) from Swinburne University of Technology, a Master of Applied Finance from Kaplan Professional, and He is currently undertaking an MBA/MEI.His educational achievements are a practical demonstration of his commitment to lifelong learning, something which is essential to achieve success and personal fulfilment. In addition Angok is currently being mentored by John Maxwell, a person widely regarded as the world's leading expert on the topic of leadership.Angok brings enormous passion and energy to everything that Success Lifters does. That energy and passion is infectious to colleagues and clients alike.

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