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Armando Iandolo, Marketing Consultant at Matrix Web Agency

Marketing Consultant at Matrix Web Agency

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I have 5+ years of experience in product management, digital marketing and business development in local and international markets. I work as freelance as Digital Marketing Manager, focusing on: Performance Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Pinterest), Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Brand Positioning, Webinar Management, Online branding, Seach Engine Marketing & Optimization, Content Marketing and more. I love designing architectures, building and scaling things, with focus on distributed systems.Now let's do some buzzword-dropping:★ E-Commerce★ SEO★ Performance Marketing★ Affiliation Marketing ★ Copywriting★ Lead Generation★ Blogging★ Landing Pages★ Lead Nurturing★ Conversion Analysis ★ Inbound Marketing Strategy★ Growth hacking★ User Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue★ Web Analytics★ Building a growth team and company mindset★ Growth process building★ Language/Market fit★ Product/Channel fit★ Behavioural psychology★ First User Experience★ Conversion Rate Optimization★ SaaS Growth★ AB testing and Multivariate testing ★ Web scraping★ Digital Marketing★ Lean strategyBeing an entrepreneur has also made me great at:Startup Management: Financial Analysis, Customer Development, Fundraising, Negotiation, Business Planning, Pricing, Budgeting, Recruiting, Operations Management, Business Development, Project Management, Wireframing, UX, Metrics Tracking, Landing Page Design.Startup Engineering: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Wireframing, Market ResearchTeam leadership: Leader of teams of 20+ people. Ability to identify people’s potential and build up real and effective teams.Specialties: Knowledge of the technical and managerial processes related to SaaS, Media, E-Learning, Biotech and Medtech industry.Life Goal: Simplifying people’s lives through digital technologies.

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