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Developing the Future.

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Ben Munkres is a dynamic industry professional with a passion for industrial visualization, training, and maintenance support. With a pension for living on the bleeding edge of technology Ben has been involved in the development of web, and software tools in the MCAD industry for the past 17 years. Ben has worked with some of the most leading edge companies in the world, building technologies that will have a major impact on all the areas related to training in all technical fields for years to come. He has been a speaker and teacher for over fifteen years, teaching classes in high end graphics software.Ben has been a certified Autodesk training specialist, as well as a visualization professional delivering content to the US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, as well as building visualization development pipelines for industry to produce effective end product. He has built his career around industrial visualization, CAD integration, systems integration and development, product development, simulation development, LCMS development, as well as cloud/cluster development and deployment. In his extensive professional career Ben has focused on getting industry to start communicating better by developing awareness and integration of current technologies, as well as seeking technologies to develop focused on solving current global challenges.

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