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Brad Albrecht, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Market Researcher, Pricing Analyst, and Operations Analyst.

Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Market Researcher, Pricing Analyst, and Operations Analyst.

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I have combined my strengths in Risk Management and Financial Analysis with my experience in Business Development and Marketing Research to build financial models and business optimization models that lead to higher profitability.• Used statistical analysis to identify specific policy constraints that turned a high risk business segment into one of the most profitable segments.• Used competitive analysis to identify a no cost pricing opportunity that resulted in over $3.5M additional revenue per year.• Using optimization modeling, I transformed a servicing operation from negative Gross Margin to $2M per year.As the Risk Manager at SAFCO, I utilized statistical scorecards and analysis to assess risk for operational and credit policies. At Randstad, I honed my skills in budgeting and used sales and financial data to provide guidance to the Regional VP’s and Directors. At World Omni Financial Corp., I spent over 15 years in pricing and competitive analysis and also became an Operations specialist after developing an operating cost model used for pricing loans and leases (over $8 Billion in assets). My previous experience also includes Technical Sales, Business Development, and Marketing Management. I successfully established and built relationships with banks, industrial corporations, and independent and major oil companies.My success of building effective pricing models and operations optimization models is founded on the following:• Used activity based costing to calculate unit cost or curve relationship of multiple cost drivers to replicate the true cost of doing business and model changing business environments.• Market research (customer values, attributes, and price sensitivity as well as competitive analysis).• Developed innovative pricing programs with variable margins.• Worked closely with Sales Teams to develop products and solutions attractive to clients and customers.• Helped develop innovative incentive plans for sales associates.

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