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Developed significant expertises in the following topics- Corporate and Business Group valuations and fairness opinion- Financial advising in the IPO process - Advisory in M&A transactions: target screening, business due diligence, financial assistance in industrial plan construction, in corporate valuation and in negotiation process companies- Goodwill impairment test - IAS transition- Purchase Price Allocation (IFRS 3)- Business plans;- Business and financial due diligence;- Valuation/screening of investment opportunities;- Design//review of a broad range of financial models - Company restructuring: industrial plan presentation and debt restructuring and leverage structure optimization plans, banks agreements for debt settlement- Asseveration and valuation of business plan- Equity valuation- Industry and Competitive Analysis;- Scenario analysis and competitive positioning of companiesSpecialties: M&A advisoryCorporate restructuring,Measurement and valutation of corporate performanceBusiness planning;Industry and competitive analysis;Business modeling;Corporate valuation.Financial analysis

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