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Eran Alshech, founder & Co CEO at BISEC

founder & Co CEO at BISEC

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Bringing up to 17 Years of experience in designing, building and marketing Intelligence Support Systems, National Level Cyber Situational awareness solutions, CSOC, National CERTs\ CSIRT & ISAC (Intelligence Sharing and Analysis center) centers.On these days concentrating on creating value for MSSPs and enterprises SOC by trying to solve the Incident Response problems (Too many tools, too many alerts, lack of cyber experts).Bring to table a strong combination between technology & operational understanding and many years of experience in the innovation process, technology road map and creating growing engines.Specialties: National Level Cyber defense and offence strategy and technology solutions. Intelligence Analysis systems especially in the field of OSINT (Open source Intel) \ WEBINT , HUMINT (Human Intel) , SIGINT (Signals Intel) discipline and doctrine.National Border Control systems and Intel systems for Border Control.National CERT Systems, CSIRT, CSOC, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing

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