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Federico Vidali, Business Development - Currently based in Los Angeles, CA

Business Development - Currently based in Los Angeles, CA

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I am very grounded. When it comes to business, I remain focused on the big picture, and the long-term objectives. People also appreciate how I can keep the team on track, and focused on the real deals, without drifting away into too many details or undoable actions.- Great listener and observer.- Can easily adapt to different situations, and deal with different types of people. - Strong work ethics and integrity.- Always looking for mutually beneficial agreements and to build solid and trustful relationships.- Extremely innovative and curious.- Love feedback and constantly self evaluating my ideas and performances.- Positive and friendly attitude.With my travelling experiences, throughout Europe, Australia and America, I developed the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and new environments. I always take on new challenges with a passionate and confident approach.I am currently living in Los Angeles and I am looking for new opportunities in Marketing/Sales, that give me the possibility to bring my own personal contribution to the company and develop my career.

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