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Kyle Rea, Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Coach | Filmmaker | Producer | Strategist

Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Coach | Filmmaker | Producer | Strategist

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My goal in life is to inspire, educate & entertain and add as much value to the world, my clients and audience as possible. I don't limit my perception to "what's feasible" but rather think about "what's not been done or accomplished" and "what can add tremendous value to the world" and that's how I position myself for the projects I work on and the people & businesses I work with.Grew up on a farm in Pacific NW with no TV, very little household income and a family that put community value for others above our own morals. I was always the underdog and had to "work 10x harder" to achieve my goals which has defined my percption on a quality-over-quantity mindset. As a child I was told if I'm bored then "be creative" and "read books". This perception has defined my life. Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Coach - Since I've started investing, my wallet is up 2000%+ and growing each day. Winning Producer & Photographer. CURRENT PROJECTS:- One feature film in Post- One feature film in Development- One Tv Series in Development- One short film in post- 10+ photo projects- Setting up production for a slate of projects- Content Creation / Strategy / Online marketing for Columbia College Hollywood / cREAtive Castle Studios / Kyle Rea Art / Billy Boy the ClownMY RESUME INCLUDES:I've acted in over 35 filmsVoice-Over in over 25 filmsCinematographer on 5 films (2 features)Written 5 commercials, 3 shorts, 1 reality show, a feature and two feature treatmentsProduced 5 short films, 2 features, and currently 2 on my plate.Directed 3 short filmsPhotography has been published multiple times.Currently working on an electro hip hop album.And Social Media to the core.Me = art nerd. :)Specialties: Acting, Writing, Voice-Over, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Photography, Packaging & Branding, Strategy, Online Marketing, and medieval swordfighting. (Yes I really do it all and have a track record).

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