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Matt Kessel, Seeking Opportunities in Finance

Seeking Opportunities in Finance

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I am interested in the rigorous application of Data analysis to Financial Markets. I am interested in all things Quant-related, be it Sell-Side capacities in pricing/valuation or Algorithmic Market Making, or Buy-Side analysis of positioning, risk, and overall portfolio management. I ultimately plan to attain my PhD, or at the very least a Masters in a field, which is the intersection of my 2 greatest passions/interests: Mathematics and Computer Science, the ideal program is Carnegie Mellon's Machine Learning Department. In Finance, I am particularly interested in FICC, but less so Commodities, mainly Fixed-Income and FX. In the Rates space, I am interested in not only the outright instruments from Bonds to ABS, but Derivatives modeling such that for Futures, Swaps (particularly Swap Curves based on Libor, Euribor, Shibor... etc depending on the currency, and the discount curve based on the Risk-Free OIS rate.)

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