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Michael Kvistgaard, Senior Analyst, Alternative Investments at PenSam

Senior Analyst, Alternative Investments at PenSam

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I have In-depth understanding across different industries and have an analytical approach to complex problems based on theoretical models and real-life challenges for global companies.I have dealt with tasks such as company valuations, strategic reviews and industry benchmarking. Internally I have worked with evaluation of cost saving potential and synergies, M&A, tax strategies and cash flow analysis.Additionally, I have experience in implementation of portfolio software and creating new workflows and processes.I am self-driven, can work independently as well as in collaboration with a team. I do good stakeholders management, which I have shown by running processes across many business units. I can communicate complex messages in a straightforward manner. I am used to communicating to senior management and preparing as well as presenting material in English and Danish. I thrive in a hectic and dynamic work environment where results are measured every day.Key skills: Strategic analysis across various industries as well as financial modelling and forecasting of key drivers. Peer group analysis and monitoring. Investment case analysis, presentation and project management

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