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We find the most happiness in our work when we find a place, a team, a company mission, that is closely aligned to our own values and principles. That search starts with an understanding of why we work, how we work, and a willingness to share those guiding principles with each other. While we are all works in progress, here is what I've learned so far about building, and being a part of a great team:1. Be yourself, and be passionate about it.  Have an opinion, be confident in sharing it with others, and be willing to adapt based on new information. Spirited, respectful, open, and honest dialogue drives us to the best possible solution, every time.2. Find the meaning in your work and be inspired by it.  Whether it’s your customer relationships, developing future leaders, or a close connection to co-workers, listen to your inner voice, and let it be your daily inspiration.3. Expect the best from yourself, and your Team. We are a high performing Team. Our success is conditional upon our performance.  We hire for potential, and then focus on developing our natural strengths.4. Embrace unpleasant news.It is the surest path to an opportunity for improvement.   Fix what’s broken with durable solutions that become part of SOP. 5. Do the right thing. Being proud of the way we work with colleagues, customers, and partners is the only way to be proud of the place we work. We’re all responsible for building a great place to work.6. Help each other.  At every opportunity… lend a hand, share success, divide failures, and acknowledge extraordinary efforts.

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