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✪ Valoov ✪ FinTechBank ✪ Bank of the future ✪ BaaS Banking as a Service ✪ Ecosystem ✪ APIs ✪ FinTech

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☞ THE WORLD IS LESS COMPLICATED WHEN YOU WORK WITH OUTSIDERS ☜We are building the bank of the future block by block.Dear Investors,We are the value investors of the future.Valoov is the best way to prepare for Black Swans in the financial services.FinTech is the infrastructure of the new economy and we are paving the way for a smoother ride. If you are in search of the next "big elephant", this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.Valoov is a great business a "young elephant", early enough to enjoy a long run of growth and mature enough to allow for a confident assessment. We are currently looking to partner with a strategic investor who holds a banking license and 5M equity.VALOOV is a VC FinTech Fund that aims at building the first FinTech Bank based on a BaaS platform. Through a M&A strategy build up & Partnership with a value Ecosystem of +15 FinTechs series B,C,D,E, pre-IPO in Europe & USA .#VALOOV is not #UBER, it is the #TESLA for banking.We are looking to partner for Fun & Value with HNWI, BANKS, HF/PE, Tech firms, CVC, Fundraiser, FinTechs, Incubators, Family Office execute our Innovative project.All details about the opportunity, market analysis, valuation figures, FinTech landscape, business & Revenue models can be provided to all SERIOUS INVESTORS ONLY upon Q&A request .Strategic Partner must hold a banking licence + 5M EquityWe can tailor a personalized presentation based on investor TOP 10 Q&A. Contact:Directly & Simply via Linkedin or any other social media icon on or Whatsapp + 33 6 67 31 58 68♘ ♘ ✉ ✉

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