Startup Fintech Financial Model
Originally published: 21/03/2020 15:08
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Startup Fintech Financial Model

This STARTUP FINTECH FINANCIAL MODEL is specially designed for fintech startups, who are seeking investment.

The financial model provided a 3-year plan for Fintech business which can be used to determine valuation, sale projections, financial analysis, dashboards, and company evaluation.

The financial model also calculates IRR, share equity and NPV.

Highlights for this model include:

1. Input Sheet
2. Start Up Summary
3. Dashboards
4. Income Statement
5. Cashflow
6. Balance Sheet
7. Depreciation and Amortization
8. CAC – CLTV Analysis
9. Company Evaluation
10. Growth Rate
11. Churn rate

The FINTECH Business Financial Model is ideal for startups and has been refined over several years on a wide variety and number of actual Fintech ventures.

The model gives a comprehensive overview of all related financials and estimations to assess the economics of the Fintech business.

How to use our template

Download the FINTECH financial model template and start writing inputs the model is prepared in such a way that once you input values in the Input sheet it will perform changes in other statements accordingly. You can also modify the layout of the model to match your business needs, for example, revenue and expenses drivers. We have made it dynamic and simple to use

We hope this model serves your needs and uses.

Used by
This Fintech Financial Model is ideal for investors, CEO, CFO VP, Individuals, Beginners or consultants who wanted to prepare detailed forecasts.

This Best Practice includes
1. Details Excel file without hard coding along with Dashboard

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Further information

The objective of the Startup Fintech Financial Model is to provide Financial Projections, Project Evaluation, Profitability analysis, NPV, IRR for the investment point of view.

This Startup Fintech Financial Model is best applies in the following conditions;
1. Is your Fintech Startup?
2. Do you require Financial Projections, Financial Analysis, Projection Evaluation for investment such as Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value?
3. Do you require sensitive analysis?
4. Do you require your Startup cost and Investment required?

Condition one is obligatory and others are options.
if more than 2 conditions, then this Startup Fintech Financial Model is the best financial model for you.

if you are not a Startup Fintech.


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