Sales KPI Dashboard Excel Template
Originally published: 08/10/2018 14:54
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Sales KPI Dashboard Excel Template

This KPI dashboard is a detailed, ready-to-use tool to help successfully monitor the performance of your sales team.

This Sales KPI Dashboard, brought to you by Someka, offers a detailed yet straightforward way to evaluate the sales performance of your business. This is an extensive tool with which the user can present results using carefully chosen metrics suited to a sales department.

This Excel template is ready-to-use and has a number of key features:

- Major Key Sales Performance Indicators

- Trend Charts

- Comparisons with previous year performance and the target year

- Analysis of both monthly and cumulative data

This download consists of the Key Performance Indicators that are most commonly used, coming under 3 principle categories:

- Sales Team Effectiveness: Including revenue, growth, monthly sales and new customer data, sales targets including actual revenue versus the forecasted revenue, sales demonstrations, sales cycle length and conversion time averages.

- Customer Metrics: Revenue per unit averages, costs for customer acquisition and costs per lead generated, conversion rates from lead to sale, customer profitability, lifetime value of the customer, and customer turnover rate.

- Budget Metrics: Sales Budget Ratio (Sales Spendings/Total Revenue) and Staying in budget ratio.

These KPIs are pre-set for the user, however, it is possible to add more refined metrics to further enhance the user experience. It is compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions. There is also an accompanying video tutorial to help the user better understand and utilize this model.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to start a discussion below. To find more useful templates and models from Someka, please visit the channel page.

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