Pricing Excel Model Template
Originally published: 08/01/2019 16:19
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Pricing Excel Model Template

This pricing model is a great tool for completing a market analysis and product comparison.

This Pricing Model is a complete example of a pricing structure that can be edited and recycled to insert your own products that are for sale. This complete Excel template has fully actionable cells and functional formulas.

The tool has a first sheet labelled Instructions, which includes guidance for the user to ensure that you only operate in the correct cells.

In the second sheet, Charts, the data is presented in smartly laid out tables and charts that show the information in easily digestible ways. The first chart is for Revenue, Costs and Profits. You can select all or any combination of the products and see their Revenue, Costs and Profits. The second chart is for a comparison with competitors. The third charts shows Retail Price, Wholesale Price and Gross Margin. The pie chart shows comparison of selected product with competitors in the form of pie chart. The last chart shows retail prices of all the products together.

The Standard Price tab has a table which includes Standard Price, Applicable Additives Price, Total Price and discount offered as compared to earlier price.

AF Workings Strategy sheet shows different prices at various Gross Margin %.

Groupwise Summary sheet shows different Wholesale and Retail prices for all the products falling into a particular category.

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