Brewery Financial Projection Model
Originally published: 04/06/2018 13:26
Last version published: 04/06/2018 13:34
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Brewery Financial Projection Model

Incredibly detailed financial model for monitoring and projecting the finances of your brewery project

This model is the perfect resource for modelling the finances and financial projections for your brewery projects.

This detailed model includes 13 functional tabs. These are:

- Index (With Dashboard)
- Assumptions
- Fixed Assets Schedule
- Revenue & COGS & Commission
- Staffing
- Beer Duty
- Long-term Debt
- Cash Flow Statement
- Income Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Tables and Charts
- Ratios
- Valuation & IRR

The index tab acts as a dashboard for the model. In this tab you will be able to see your summary financials as well as a graph that maps the 5-Year Financials of your brewery project. This allows you to quickly keep track of your:

- Revenues
- Gross Profit
- Net Profit
- Cash & Bank Balance
- Equity

The assumptions tab will allow you to input a huge amount of financial assumptions based on:

- Revenue & COGS
- Beer Duty
- Selling, General and Admin Expenses
- Corporate Tax Rates
- Working Capital
- Capital Expenditure
- Financing

You will also be able to track your expenses in staffing and beer duty within their respective tabs.

The long-term debt tab allows you the opportunity to plan and monitor your debts and debt repayments. This will help you to track your interest payments, principal repayments and outstanding loans.

The model also includes cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets. Thus, it provides an incredibly detailed analysis of the financial performance of your project.

All of this financial information is then transformed within the tables and charts tab. This tab visualises all of your financial data, providing charts on: summary financials, summary income statement, summary balance sheet, quarterly revenue and net profit and profitability and return ratios.

Ultimately, this is a great model for constructing a detailed financial analysis of your brewery projects. This information is used to provide financial statements and charts to help better understand your financial performance.

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