Sales Pipeline Template
Originally published: 29/06/2021 09:40
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Sales Pipeline Template

Track and manage your pipeline of sales with our ready-to-use Sales Pipeline Excel Template.

It’s essential to put in place additional steps and efforts in your sales process to achieve a successful team. After all, close management of these steps is what generates the greatest returns. An effective method of converting prospects into clients and sales is using a clear and easy-to-use sales pipeline, as it enables you to divide the whole process into stages so you can truly analyze performance at each step.

This template consists of four sections:
1) Settings
Begin with this section to set the stages of the sales process in order to use the template effectively. Here you cam define the sales status, list all the sales reps, chose a date format and the categories to be displayed on the pipeline.

Make sure you define the stages in the sequence of occurrence in the process.

2) Input
This is where you input your data and the titles are dependant on the category titles you chose on the settings. Here you can chose the order you want to view information via the drop-down menus.

Don’t delete data on the gray cells, use the white cells for data input.

3) Pipeline
Here is where you can get a visual representation of the data from each chosen stage (via the drop-down menus). You can view data by salesperson, date, value and status.

4) Dashboard
This area shows the whole pipeline entirely, through forecasted earnings, actual earnings, won vs lost percentages and graphs to display each of these metrics.

Sales Pipeline Templates features:
• Track your sales in Excel.
• Informational notes included.
• No installation needed, ready-to-use.
• Functional on both on Mac and Windows
• Compatible with Excel versions 2013 and later.
• Does not include VBA code and macros.

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