Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
  • Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)
Originally published: 12/11/2016 09:29
Last version published: 16/10/2018 09:17
Publication number: ELQ-11729-5
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Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)

Integrated and rolling 3 way financial model connected to Xero

This Financial Model is of a dummy client to demonstrate an integrated 3 way model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) which has been created from extracted financial information from Xero.

It can be rolled on a monthly basis and updated actual financial results will flow through in only a few clicks.

It is the perfect solution for a start-up business which seeks to leverage cloud solutions without the large infrastructure and costs.

Arguably, this rolling 3 way financial model should exist in all businesses but for most established businesses this is more complex given the systems in place.

A start-up or small business is able to leverage Xero with its public API and powerful modeling tools.

If you are a small business or an accountant looking to improve the services you provide to your client, this is a cost efficient way of doing so and you have all the financial information at your fingertips, including a cash flow statement which is often time consuming and complex.

Included in the images is a project manager view of the model including its modular content. Each of these can be removed, inserted or duplicated across the model or other models as simple as lego on the Modano platform.

Contact to find out more about the world's first content management system for Excel.

We are now able to support businesses and accountants globally using this platform.

Below is a link to a YouTube video clip which shows how this model can be visualised in Modeler to tranform conversations relating to a business for performance, cash flow or valuations.

This Best Practice includes
PDF extracts, Excel Model and Images

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Further information

To demonstrate the technology advances in financial modelling and the benefits on cloud accounting packages like Xero. Never before has it been easier to create a fully integrated and rolling 3 way model with rolling actuals.

Once a business has and income statement, balance and cash flow statements the owners are able to predict issues ahead of time. One of the most critical measures of a business (particularly a small business) is cash flow. With this tool it is now able to get this insight at a fraction of the price it would take to produce.

In addition the cost spend in creating it can be saved for future period as the model rolls for new months, which is often very manual and costly. Which is why most businesses dont have this tool or insight in their business.

It is also possible to integrate valuations into the model as all the relevant information is available.

Now with these tools it is possible to gain access to this service anywhere in the world.

Included also is a cashcade which shows exactly where the cash has gone from opening cash to closing cash for a selected period.

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Stay tuned to our YouTube channel the future of financial modeling.

Business planning, forecasting, cash flow management, driving performance, valuations etc.

In the context of business performance, strategic planning and reporting there really isn't a condition that doesn't apply.

Naturally outside of this context eg business process modeling or other mathematical or statistical modeling its not relevant.



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