Supply Chain & Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template
Originally published: 08/10/2018 14:56
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Supply Chain & Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template

This Supply Chain and Logistics KPI Dashboard highly improves the effectiveness of the transportation process of goods.

This Supply Chain & Logistics KPI Dashboard by Someka is a great Excel template for conducting successful operations.

Supply chain management is usually a very complicated operation. It consists of multiple actors and resources, all involved in the transporting of a good from one point to another. This model from Someka will assist in simplifying the presentation of this information, as well as in calculating trends.

There are many KPIs used in the supply chain. Someka has helpfully compiled the top 27, including:

- Operational Efficiency
- Inventory Management
- Warehouse
- Transportation

It is still possible for the user to input their own KPI metrics as well. This ensures a greater flexibility for the person running the project and ensures that their own personal style is not encroached upon.

The charts produced by the Excel model provide visual representations of a team’s activity. The following are offered in this template:

- Supply chain performance indicators and descriptions
- Charting trends
- Comparisons between targets and actual output
- Monthly and collective analysis

The accompanying video offers a quick and simple tutorial of how to navigate the Excel Model. It also demonstrates how easy it is to input one’s own metrics into the template for a more bespoke output.

This KPI Dashboard is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions.

This Best Practice includes
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