Project Selection
Originally published: 02/08/2022 08:11
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Project Selection

Project Selection

Project selection refers to the process of outlining and choosing the next venture for a team. Projects typically compete for resources, so you must consider the demands and goals of each potential project and prioritize them accordingly.
Most organizations have several potential projects in the pipeline at any given time. Successful organizations create a standard process for comparing these projects against each other to determine the next best fit.
Once an organization chooses a project, its next steps are outlining that project and creating a project plan. For more information about general project planning, check out our guide to project plans.
Who Does the Project Selection Process?
The leaders of a company will often ultimately rank project priority, but a project manager’s expertise is also often welcome in the selection process.
Role of Project Manager in Project Selection
An experienced project manager often possesses specific knowledge and skills that a higher-level executive may not, such as more insight into the risks and resource requirements of a proposal. A project manager should also have a solid understanding of the needs and talents of your teams.
Project managers can also act as sounding boards for executives and influence the choice of the project and how it is ultimately carried 

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