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Ratio Analysis, Financial Ratio Analysis in Excel

Learn all you need to know about ratio analysis, using a manufacturing firm as a case study.

This video covers a case of ratio analysis. As a financial analyst, there are different tools to check whether the company is strong and whether it is an investable opportunity or not. Ratio analysis is one of the most important tools in financial analysis and as an equity research analyst or a financial analyst, you should know how to calculate different ratios.

Ratio analysis is the process of calculating the relationships between several financial statement values (e.g. balance sheet, P&L statement) with the aim of assessing a company's financial performance or condition.

Carrying out a financial analysis can be undertaken by management, or by outside parties such as investors, owners, creditors etc. The nature of analysis will differ depending on the purpose of the analyst.

This video will walk you through ratio analysis in Excel, using a manufacturing company as a case study.

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