Board Deck Template for Seed Stage Startups

Board Deck Template and some advice for those all important board meetings!

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Funds have been raised and you're ready to begin the formalities. Now the regular meeting start with your Board and team chosen by the investors. You need to update them on what's been going on. I've made this Board Deck template to facilitate this!

You should have a Board Deck template because startups are difficult and so you need people to ask you the tricky questions, you need to be able to provide some answers, and it's always useful to have a sound board to give you some advice and food for thought.

As a young startup, its probable that you'll have meetings on a monthly basis. Preparation is necessary and expected.

Having a template to help you out in meetings will be really useful- trust me!

This business tool includes
1 Board Deck Powerpoint 1 Explanatory PDF

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