Free Project Planner Gantt Chart Excel Template

A basic customizable Gantt Chart Excel Template suitable for most projects.

Free Project Planner Gantt Chart Excel Template

That should cover the basics for most projects. But if you need to add more, it’s really easy to customize the template.

Step 1: How to set up new tasks
First, rename existing activities to fit your own project. We’ve set up some example tasks as a default. Just click on any cell in "ACTIVITY" column and rename it.

Step 2: Update your activity start and duration
Next, update your task start and duration within the Excel Gantt chart schedule template.

Step 3: Task durations calculate automatically
The Duration column for each task is automatically calculated within the Gantt chart template by subtracting the start date from the end date. As you enter your start and end dates, the Duration column will populate on its own. Duration shows in days by default.

Step 4: Assign percent complete
Finally, update the Percent Complete column. You’ll see the cell color deepen as a task nears completion.

You’ve now created a basic Gantt chart.

You just have to enter the planned start date, the planned duration and the template will automatically build a Gantt Chart

You may use a Waterfall approach or Agile. As you like.

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  • bastian test(last updated: 15/05/2020 13:42)
  • Mehdi kamaleddin(last updated: 04/05/2020 09:36)
    creative gantt chart
    that was the most applicable gantt chart that I see during my browsing through lot of channels:)
  • IMC(last updated: 26/04/2020 21:50)
  • Andrea Golinelli(last updated: 31/03/2020 17:48)
  • Tibor Rusiňák(last updated: 05/03/2020 18:58)
  • updated: 25/01/2020 08:22)
    Great Tool.
    Used it for a private project to track the progress. Highly recommended.
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