Risk Management Dashboard
Originally published: 04/02/2020 07:51
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Risk Management Dashboard

Risk Management Dashboard - Planner and Task Manager

Diligent attention to areas of risks, whether risks to employees or risks to guests and customers, will avoid potentially drastic expense consequences.

A tracking system helps to define, plan and prioritize the management of resolving risk issues.

The Risk Manager Dashboard is simple to use. Input is on the dashboard:

1) Access area of risk
2) Name assignee
3) Select Priority Level
4) Set planned start and end for resolution.

Based on the current "Today's Date," the Dashboard calculates:

1) The number of open tasks that are at High Level, Moderate Level and Low level priorities.

2) The number of Completed, In Progress, and Not Started Tasks.

3) The number of tasks not started that are past the planned start date.

4). The number of tasks that have been started, but past their planned completion date.

The calendar depicts Completed Tasks (in green), In Progress Task (in Orange), and Not Started Tasks (in red). A sliding date bar is provided for setting the view of the calendar to the past and future.

Filters are provided for viewing any combination of tasks including only high priority, tasks in progress, and tasks not started.

Involving team members in identifying risk issues is key to building an inclusive task list.

The Risk Management Dashboard will keep you on track to minimize and eliminate RISK!

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