Pathology Lab Pro Forma Excel Model Template
Originally published: 08/01/2019 14:09
Last version published: 23/09/2021 07:57
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Pathology Lab Pro Forma Excel Model Template

This financial model shows 7-year financial projections for a start-up pathology lab.

This is a detailed pro forma profit and loss statement built by Mahender Punhani for your pathology lab. This tool is available to download instantly and is ready to use.

The financial model has monthly projections for 7-years rolling into annual projections. The excel document contains a number of tabs and information as described below:

Inputs & Instructions - Instructions and index of different tabs
Dashboard - Various financial metrics and KPIs
Assumptions - Various inputs that drive the model like volume, price, COGS, operating expenses, salaries, working capital, CAPEX, etc. are included. Any change in inputs will automatically flow to all the tabs in the model.
Summary P&L (Annual)- Year-wise summary of monthly Profit & Loss Statements
Summary Balance Sheet (Annual) - Year-wise Balance Sheet.
Summary Cash Flows (Annual) - Yearwise summary cash flow statement is included.
P&L - Monthwise detailed P&L
Balance Sheet - Monthwise detailed Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement- Monthwise detailed Cash Flow Statement

You can see the screenshots of the model to see the contents of the model.

If you have any questions on this tool, do not hesitate to reach out by creating a discussion below, or messaging me directly via my author channel. To find more models and tools, please visit my author channel.

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Further information

To provide a template for a business providing pathology services

It will help in identifying various inputs that drive the profitability and coming out with key financial statements required by investors.

May need to customize depending upon the business model

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