P&L (Profit & Loss) Statement Excel Template
Originally published: 08/10/2018 14:47
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P&L (Profit & Loss) Statement Excel Template

This Profit and Loss Statement is an effective tool for tracking the progress of a business via quantitative metrics.

This Profit and Loss Statement Template by Someka is a professional standard Excel model for calculating monthly and annual income and expenditure.

A profit and loss statement is the fundamental and often preferred, the way of tracking the progress and growth of a business. It calculates the total income minus the total expenditure in order to give the net profit for a business.

This template enables to user to easily input the data into the actionable cells. For a basic profit and loss statement, the company must add the income, expenses and payable taxes into the model.

From this data, the Excel model produces some handy features for further analysis on the dashboard. There are charts that show the data from each month, transposed into a digestible and user-friendly graphic. The trends are also shown, enabling the user to easily see the progress or decline that the business has experienced throughout the year. Finally, summary tables leave the data in a quantitative model for quick accurate referrals.

The accompanying video concisely demonstrates how to input one’s own data into the database.

This template, compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions, is ready-to-use and requires no additional installation. It is also fully print ready.

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