Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
  • Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
  • Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
  • Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
  • Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
  • Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
  • Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
Originally published: 28/09/2018 15:39
Last version published: 31/03/2019 06:43
Publication number: ELQ-46839-6
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Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model

A 6 tab Excel Model for a complete company analysis in one place.

This tool is designed to make a comprehensive analysis of a company. This tool values the company not as a whole but divides it into separate parts and works on the technique of "sum of the parts".

This considers filters known as C1 (Qualitative analysis) and C2 (Quantitative analysis).

In C1(Qualitative analysis) we check some parameters which help us identify the management of the company. This is because a good management is the key for your financial returns. We apply "SUM OF THE PARTS " Model to identify the management as a whole.

We predetermine the cut off criteria as per the investor's risk appetite.

1) Then we move to the other tabs that are designed to check the insolvency of the business i,e. Altman Z-score. It was used by New York banks to check the credit worthiness of the entities whom they are going to lend Money to.

2) Afterwards we move to the 3rd tab that is designed to check the company's performance compared to previous year i,e. Pitroski F-Score Model. Which will be helpful for us to determine is the company doing good in this year i.e when we are going to invest in which is not only just depends on historical performance.

3) The 4th tab checks the accounts manipulation i,e. Modified-C Score Model. Because most of businesses try to be a little creative with their accounts so that investors don't take to their heels.

4) The 5th tab checks the company's performance consistency through "TIME SERIES MODEL" where it checks key performance ratios of the company.

5) Finally, the 6th tab helps to check the Free Cash Flow of the company to determine that whether the stock is fit to the criteria -> BUY/SELL/HOLD

This is a technical model any person whether of finance and non finance background can use it. I do provide 2 online 1 hour free sessions on how to use the model.

This business tool includes
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Investment with the understanding of FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS

Equity Investment, Medium to Long term Investment.

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