Startup Home Health Care Financial Projections
Originally published: 18/05/2018 14:12
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Startup Home Health Care Financial Projections

Detailed financial model for your startup home health care project and projections

This is a very detailed and in depth financial model for modelling the financial performance and projections of your home health care projects.

The model is made up of 10 functional tabs, allowing you to conduct a thorough analysis of your finances. These tabs are:

- Summary
- Cover
- Manpower
- Revenues
- Input
- Costs
- Capex & Depreciation
- Financial Statements
- Working Capital
- Loan Calculation

The summary tab provides two charts which will visualise your key financials. These charts represent your revenues, net income and operating cash flows as well as your cash balance and net worth. This tab is a great way of quickly visualising your financial performance.

The manpower tab will allow you to keep track of your manpower count and the compensation. This will allow you the space to log all of your staff and potential expenditure on these staff. The revenues tab will allow you to track and monitor your revenues for the project based on different types of patients on a yearly basis.
The costs tab will allow you to map all of the costs for your project based on: general & administrative expenses, vehicle running and maintenance as well as cost of material and medicines. You will also be able to monitor the depreciation of your assets and capital expenditure in the capex & depreciation tab.

You will also be able to construct a detailed financial statement in the financial statements tab, to monitor the following:

- Sales Revenues
- Gross Profit
- Cash Flows
- Balance Sheet

Ultimately, this Excel spreadsheet offers the perfect template to model the finances of your startup home health care projects.

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