Venture Capital One Pager for Limited Partners
Originally published: 12/12/2018 16:08
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Venture Capital One Pager for Limited Partners

Venture Capital One Pager for fundraising with Limited Partners

This is a one page PowerPoint designed to help venture capitalists raise funds from Limited Partners (LCs). It is very simple to edit, in order to tailor the template to your venture capital profile.

Whatever your experience as a venture capitalist, it is always essential to make a strong first impression when fundraising. This one page document is likely to be the first piece of information received by a limited partner.

Due to a lack of easily accessible information and templates available for the venture capitalist, I have created a range of tools to serve this purpose. Although perhaps straightforward, the one pager is an essential document and needs to be concise in order to impress.

Within your one page document for the limited partner it is necessary to note some key things:

- Tailor the document for the LP's needs
- Concise
- Keep it clear to read
- Keep it short, and get to the point quickly

It may be necessary to change the investment thesis to 'sector' from 'thematic' if you have particular industry focus.

If you have any questions regarding the one page document, do not hesitate to contact by either starting a discussion below or messaging privately.

To discover more tools that I have created, please visit my channel page.

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