Balance Sheet Excel Template
Originally published: 04/03/2019 13:17
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Balance Sheet Excel Template

This is a ready-to-use Balance Sheet Excel Template to use for your business's financials.

This is a Balance Sheet Excel template which summarises the financial balances of your organization.

It is instantly downloadable and ready-to-use is presented in a detailed yet well-laid out manner and comes with accompanying video in order to benefit the user's comprehension and utilization of the balance sheet.

There is a range of sections to this tool, they include:

- Input:

This section allows the user to enter in all information surrounding liabilities, assets and equity. The assets section will contain areas for current assets and non-current assets, the liabilities section will contain areas for current liabilities and non-current liabilities, and the equity section will contain an area for common shares, retained earnings, and revaluation reserve.

- Dashboard:

This section gives the user a great visualisation of their data, providing calculation on the current ratio, debt ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and working capital amount.

- Print Form:

The final section that makes up Someka's Balance Sheet Excel download is the 'Print Form'. This is a quite useful feature allowing the user to email or print out their financial balances with ease.

This is compatible with Excel 2007 or later versions. If you have any questions feel free to start a discussion in the comments below, or private message via our Eloquens author channel.

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