Debt Amortization
  • Debt Amortization
  • Debt Amortization
Originally published: 14/09/2019 12:11
Last version published: 05/02/2020 21:08
Publication number: ELQ-83206-3
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Debt Amortization

Debt Amortization Schedule

In this tool, you will be able to calculate the schedule for your debt or loan amortization.

This tool allows you to schedule over a specific period of time. The tool is based solely on six key inputs:

- Purchase Price
- Principal (Debt Financed Portion)
- Interest rate (monthly)
- Term (months)
- Tax Rate
- Repayments per month

By inputting this data, the excel tool automatically creates a chart, documenting a schedule for your loan amortization.

These outputs show:

- Beginning Balance
- Interest
- Balance before payment
- Monthly payment
- Principal repaid
- Ending Balance

As such, this tool is a quick, easy and efficient way of calculating and scheduling your debt repayments and loan amortization. Using this tool will allow you keep a close track of your debt repayments.

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