McKinsey 7S Model
Originally published: 27/08/2021 08:18
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McKinsey 7S Model

This ready-to-use McKinsey 7S Model is an analysis and management tool aligning the seven key elements of an organization.

McKinsey 7S Model is an analysis and management tool aligning the seven key elements of an organization. The developers of the model have identified well-established organizational elements as Hard Elements (Strategy, Structure, Systems) & Soft Elements (Style, Staff, Skills) and in between: Shared Values.

The template consists of 4 main parts: 1. Dashboard, 2. Diagnosis, 3. Action Plan, 4. Analysis Summary.
1. The dashboard is designed for you to navigate easily within the model and customize your settings. Here you may define the analysis order and result options, decide on your desired order for the key elements and result option labels.

2. The diagnosis section contains a diagnosis sheet consisting of seven cards each including space for notes and defining inconsistencies. With the help of the dropdown buttons, you may decide on the consistency of each “element” with the previous one(s).

3. In the action plan section, you can select the relevant inconsistency from the selection menu, note potential actions strategies, select the results from the dropdown menu and include additional notes on each inconsistency.

4. The analysis summary section includes three main parts. Firstly, the Inconsistency Matrix shows “yes” and “no” selections between elements. Secondly, the Identified Actions List shows which elements are not consistent and how many actions are defined for each of these inconsistencies. Finally, the Action Results chart shows the results of the actions.

McKinsey 7S Model Features Summary
• Evaluate organizational synergies and inconsistencies.
• Analyze the relations between main elements.
• Take actions against the inconsistencies.
• Full Print Ready.
• Informational notes included.
• No installation needed, ready-to-use.
• Works both on Mac and Windows.
• Does not include VBA code or Macros.
• Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions.

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