Eisenhower Matrix Excel Template
Originally published: 14/01/2020 08:58
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Eisenhower Matrix Excel Template

Allowing you to prioritise your tasks by importance and urgency; it is an effective model for improving organisation.

Ever felt overwhelmed by that long list of things you have to do? Often not know where to even begin? Also know as the Urgent-Important Matrix, this invaluable tool will split up your tasks into manageable chunks. By stating whether or not the task is important or urgent, the spreadsheet will automatically place them into categories of: Do now, decide, delegate and delete.

Invented by the 34th President of the USA, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was a man often faced with tough decisions, this is truly a tool for competent and diligent workers/leaders. It has never been easier to see all your tasks, all in one place, and prioritised for you. Avoid missed deadlines and missed opportunities by working on the right projects at the right time.

What are the features of the Eisenhower Matrix Excel Template?

Firstly, you will simply need to add in all your tasks to the Data section on the Dashboard.

Then secondly, select the Important and Urgency level as either "Yes" or "No". This automatically places your tasks into the Eisenhower Matrix, showing you whether they are tasks to do, decide, delegate or delete. There is then a helpful section adjacent to the tasks where you may put a “✓ ” or “✘” depending on whether a task has been completed or not yet completed.

So, have you been looking for a simple yet effective method to categorise you tasks and plan your actions efficiently?

Look no further and start improving your and your team's productivity now!

Features Summary:

Data Section easy and user-friendly to fill
Organise all you To-Do's
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation required. Ready to use as soon as it's downloaded
Works on Mac and Windows
Compatible with all version of Excel from Excel 2007
Does not include any VBA macros

This Best Practice includes
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