How the highest paid marketers and growth hackers use Facebook differently

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Original Tool:  How the highest paid marketers and growth hackers use Facebook differently  by Adi Pineapple

Companies spend thousands of dollars each month on search engine marketing. This channel isn't a one size fits all. What if your business is about connecting with people? Showing potential clients a remarkable video or telling them an awe-inspiring story? You need to connect with them when they are in the mood to connect. People do not go to Google or Yahoo to connect, they go to social media platforms.

Sure, you could purchase ad space and hope they choose your ad over a status update from a life long friend. BUT what is the most powerful and highest converting customer acquisition tactic out there? Word of mouth. When my best friend from middle school tells me to checkout a new dog food or skin cream, I ask her for a link to which one she'd recommend I purchase. Then I buy it. When a friend shares a new service on her timeline with a positive comment, I check it out. The power of organic reach and permission marketing is unparalleled. Few marketers sell it because it requires exponentially more time to implement, but I assure you that the payout is worth the time. This book is designed to help very young businesses and small business owners grow their brand through organic social media marketing tactics. If you want to learn how to use your circle of friends, family and fans to grow your business quickly using organic (unpaid) tactics, here is your playbook.

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