The Million Dollar Pineapple’s Guide to Beating the Facebook Algorithm

Reach 1000s of potential new clients, customers and users without spending $1!

Original Tool:  The Million Dollar Pineapple’s Guide to Beating the Facebook Algorithm  by Adi Pineapple

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In the past two years I've grown two startups from concept to more than $50,000,000 USD in total sales! How? Our highest performing customer acquisition tactics revolve around learning how to leverage social media algorithms to get maximum reach with each post.

Learning how to leverage social media algorithms, has helped me to grow my client's companies to more than $1,000,000 USD in revenue, faster than other companies grow to $10,000 USD.


Social media algorithms are all around us, yet very few people know what they are AND how to leverage them. Because social media platforms make their money off of paid ads, their business model depends and focuses on pushing YOU to pay for attention.

BUT if you learn how to leverage their algorithsm you can get loads of attention for free! This means that YOU can save thousands per year on your marketing budget while reaching 100s to 1000s of more customers!

Equipped with the knowledge contained in this ebook you will have a major competitive advantage that few small business owners even realize exists! BUT this knowledge will only help you if you implement it immediately. Social media algorithms are always evolving and changing to try to force more people to pay for ads.

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