Resume Template
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Resume Template

This is a Resume / CV template which contains 5 different styles to increase your employability chances.

This is a multi-purpose resume template to help you professionally present your profile to a prospective employer.

With an extremely competitive business environment, it is important to present yourself well from the beginning. This template, which comes with a video to help users better understand and fill in the resume, is instantly downloadable.

Depending on your preferences and industry, there are 5 different types of resume that you can choose, these include:

Traditional Resume - professional and clear
Executive Resume - for those applying for senior and executive positions
Achievement Resume - with a focus on success and former accomplishments
Visual Resume - for those in the creative industries looking to convey their talent
Artistic Resume - with emphasis on relevant skills and qualifications

Based on research and advice from top employers all over the globe, this download is compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions.

It is also editable, you are able to add extra information by clicking on the + buttons to the left of each section and you can also add your own picture by right clicking in the relevant section.

If you have any questions on this resume template download, feel free to reach out by starting a discussion below or through a private message via our Eloquens author channel.

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