Originally published: 19/03/2018 11:04
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Manual Input: Expenses & Assets - Spark Financial Model

This video covers the manual expense and asset inputs found in the manual inputs sheet within the Spark Financial Model.

Similarly to manual revenue, this sheet is to provide additional flexibility for one-off inputs or inputs with specific profiles. For example, a cost that is incurred for only 3 months every year that can't be easily replicated using the Assumptions page. Where possible, it's recommended that you go through the Assumptions page and not to use the Manual Inputs sheet. This is because there are other information and linkages provided in the Assumptions page that may be useful for you to think through as a business owner. The Manual Inputs sheet is only there for additional flexibility and a bit of a short-cut.

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to use this sheet within the mode.

If you'd like to purchase the Spark Financial Model, you can do so here:

Length: 2 minutes 20 seconds

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