Proforma Invoice Template
Originally published: 23/10/2019 10:56
Last version published: 17/02/2020 13:27
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Proforma Invoice Template

Proforma Invoice Template has been formed for the companies who would like to automate their invoices

The Proforma Invoice Template consists of 5 main parts:

• Customer Database,
• Product Database,
• Payment Details,
• Detailed Invoice,
• Simple Invoice.

For each invoice, the customer database, product database and payment details tend to not change, whilst the invoice itself vary from one customer/job to another. After completing the first 3 parts of the template becomes more automatic, helping you to generate pro forma invoices much faster.

The Customer Database tab supports up to 500 contacts. Carefully fill in this document as it will be automatically connected to the invoice. On the arrival of new customers or updates of current customers information be sure to edit this information.

As the customers invoices are grouped in continents, do not forget to specify the continent of each customer.

The Product Database follows the same format of the customer database. Add all the information of your products here and update the database as and when it changes. Again the template supports up to 500 products.

The payment details page allows you to fill in different payment options so that in the invoice tabs you have different selectable payment options.

Step by step guide -
For customers who want shipping details included use the Detailed Invoice Template. If shipping details are not necessary, you can use Simple Invoice.

1. Insert your logo and company details and put the date and invoice number manually.
2. Select the continent and name of your customer as the contact details are automatically connected.
3. Select your shipping method, but manually insert shipping date, volume, weight, number of packages and Port of Loading.
4. In the invoice details, select the product category, the product name and the quantity.
5. At the very top of the page, choose payment method and manually write the origin of goods.

Features Summary:
• Easy to fill Proforma Invoice Template
• Two Different Invoices according to shipping details
• Full Print Ready
• Informational notes included
• No installation needed. Ready to use
• Works both on Mac and Windows
• Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions

This Best Practice includes
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