Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template
  • Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template
  • Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template
  • Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template
  • Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template
  • Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template
Originally published: 02/08/2019 08:41
Last version published: 04/08/2019 06:46
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Buyer Persona - MARKETER - PowerPoint Template

If your ideal client is marketer from a global company this Buyer Persona is for you.

Buyer persona is a fictional person who represents your ideal client. Let me introduce you to Diana, she's working as a marketer at a big company and enjoys corporate world. Diana is 30, she has her own challenges, goals, and online network. Diana follows a lot of brands to stay up to dated and visits professional events...

To create this buyer persona we analyzed 69 LinkedIn profiles of real people working for global companies as marketers.

Sections include:
- About
- Goals
- Challenges
- Content ( Articles and Web platforms)
- Brands
- Views (leadership)
- Personal Level
- Quotes
- Corporate Culture
- Skills (main 15)
- Network (18 LinkedIn groups)
- Identifiers
- Podcasts
- Language
- Influencers
- Events and Conferences (main 30)


- Titles; Positions at the company which real marketers had.
Some of the titles: Corporate Marketing Manager, Director - External Communications, Marketing Content Manager, Head of Marketing, Group Marketing | Head of Marketing, Global External and Internal Communications | Integrated Marketing | Reputation and Crisis Management.
- List of companies marketers worked for.
Some of the companies: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Clinique, Visa, etc.

Buyer persona is based on the analysis of real profiles of marketers and on the analysis of their social media activities.

Every business is about people and problems it solves. And the main goal of a Buyer Persona research is to find out those needs and goals so you will be able to address them in your marketing campaign. To tell more, Buyer Persona is a visual representation of your ideal customer which aims to bring a deep understanding of their lives, views, preferences etc.


If you have any further questions related to customer and market research, please PM me.


About pricing:

Ordering buyer persona at IntroMarket Research will cost $300. This buyer persona will be tailored to a specific client's needs and executed in 3-4 days.
Here, at Eloquens, we charge only 30% of the total price for the ready made buyer persona.

This Best Practice includes
8 pages, includes appendix with the information about companies and titles

Acquire consulting license for $90.00

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Further information

Buyer persona is a business tool that tells about your potential customer as much information as possible. We create a Buyer Persona of MARKETER. A lot of businesses build their offer specifically for marketers working in corporate world with a global company. They work on the brand representation, always conscious about new trends and digital tools, automate, analyze, distribute, and coordinate; define marketing plans and manage budgets. Due to a lot of responsibilities that marketers have it is hard to initiate successful contact which may lead to potential sales. But what if you knew about the marketer more that they are just busy?
This tool will be helpful for everyone who needs information for targeting marketers/marketing professionals, for whom marketer is the ideal customer, who needs a customer avatar of marketer.

When your ideal client is Marketer or you're targeting marketers for some of your offers

This is a buyer persona of Marketer working for global company. If marketers are not your potential clients, this tool does not apply.


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