Stock List > 10.000 Stocks
Originally published: 23/02/2021 08:39
Last version published: 15/03/2021 16:26
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Stock List > 10.000 Stocks

Huge Ticker-List for more than 10.000 Stocks from the whole world.

Huge Ticker-List for more than 10.000 Stocks from the whole world. Information for name, index, country, sector, industry, employees and description.

'AEX25', 'ASX200', 'ATX', 'BEL20', 'CAC40', 'DAX', 'EUROSTOXX600', 'FTSE100', 'HANGSENG', 'IBEX35', 'Index', 'MIB', 'NIKKEI225', 'SMI', 'SP500', 'TASI', 'TSX'

'Anguilla', 'Argentina', 'Australia', 'Austria', 'Bahamas', 'Belgium', 'Belize', 'Bermuda', 'Brazil', 'British Virgin Islands', 'Canada', 'Cayman Islands', 'Channel Islands', 'Chile', 'China', 'Colombia', 'Costa Rica', 'Country', 'Cyprus', 'Czech Republic', 'Denmark', 'Dominican Republic', 'Egypt', 'Finland', 'France', 'Georgia', 'Germany', 'Gibraltar', 'Greece', 'Guernsey', 'Hong Kong', 'Hungary', 'India', 'Indonesia', 'Ireland', 'Isle of Man', 'Israel', 'Italy', 'Japan', 'Jersey', 'Liechtenstein', 'Lithuania', 'Luxembourg', 'Macau', 'Malaysia', 'Malta', 'Mauritius', 'Mexico', 'Monaco', 'Mongolia', 'Netherlands', 'Netherlands Antilles', 'New Zealand', 'Nigeria', 'Norway', 'Panama', 'Papua New Guinea', 'Peru', 'Philippines', 'Poland', 'Portugal', 'Russia', 'Saudi Arabia', 'Singapore', 'South Africa', 'South Korea', 'Spain', 'Sweden', 'Switzerland', 'Taiwan', 'Tanzania', 'Thailand', 'Turkey', 'USA', 'United Arab Emirates', 'United Kingdom', 'United States', 'Uruguay', 'Vietnam'

Basic Materials', 'Communication Services', 'Conglomerates', 'Consumer Cyclical', 'Consumer Defensive', 'Consumer Goods', 'Energy', 'Financial', 'Financial Services', 'Healthcare', 'Industrial Goods', 'Industrials', 'Mexico', 'Real Estate', 'Sector', 'Services', 'Technology', 'Utilities'

Industries:'Advertising Agencies', 'Aerospace & Defense', 'Aerospace/Defense Products & Services', 'Agricultural Chemicals', 'Agricultural Inputs', 'Airlines', 'Airports & Air Services', 'Aluminum', 'Apparel Manufacturing', 'Apparel Retail', 'Application Software', 'Asset Management', 'Auto & Truck Dealerships', 'Auto Manufacturers', 'Auto Parts', 'Banks—Diversified', 'Banks—Regional', 'Beverages—Brewers', 'Beverages—Non-Alcoholic', 'Beverages—Wineries & Distilleries', 'Biotechnology', 'Broadcasting', 'Building Materials', 'Building Products & Equipment', 'Business Equipment & Supplies', 'Business Services', 'Capital Markets', 'Chemicals', 'Closed-End Fund - Equity', 'Coking Coal', 'Communication Equipment', 'Computer Hardware', 'Confectioners', 'Conglomerates', 'Consulting Services', 'Consumer Electronics', 'Copper', 'Credit Services', 'Department Stores', 'Diagnostics & Research', 'Discount Stores', 'Diversified Computer Systems', 'Diversified Machinery', 'Drug Manufacturers—General', 'Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic', 'Education & Training Services', 'Electrical Equipment & Parts', 'Electronic Components', 'Electronic Equipment', 'Electronic Gaming & Multimedia', 'Electronics & Computer Distribution', 'Engineering & Construction', 'Entertainment', 'Farm & Heavy Construction Machinery', 'Farm Products', 'Financial Conglomerates', 'Financial Data & Stock Exchanges', 'Food Distribution', 'Footwear & Accessories', 'Furnishings, Fixtures & Appliances', 'Gambling', 'Gold', 'Grocery Stores', 'Health Information Services', 'Healthcare Plans', 'Home Improvement Retail', 'Household & Personal Products', 'Industrial Distribution', 'Industry', 'Information Technology Services', 'Infrastructure Operations', 'Insurance - Diversified', 'Insurance Brokers', 'Insurance—Diversified', 'Insurance—Life', 'Insurance—Property & Casualty', 'Insurance—Reinsurance', 'Insurance—Specialty', 'Integrated Freight & Logistics', 'Internet Content & Information', 'Internet Information Providers', 'Internet Retail', 'Leisure', 'Lodging', 'Long Distance Carriers', 'Lumber & Wood Production', 'Luxury Goods', 'Marine Shipping', 'Marketing Services', 'Medical Care Facilities', 'Medical Devices', 'Medical Distribution', 'Medical Instruments & Supplies', 'Metal Fabrication', 'Mortgage Finance', 'Oil & Gas Drilling', 'Oil & Gas E&P', 'Oil & Gas Equipment & Services', 'Oil & Gas Integrated', 'Oil & Gas Midstream', 'Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing', 'Other Industrial Metals & Mining', 'Other Precious Metals & Mining', 'Packaged Foods', 'Packaging & Containers', 'Paper & Paper Products', 'Personal Services', 'Pharmaceutical Retailers', 'Pollution & Treatment Controls', 'Publishing', 'REIT—Diversified', 'REIT—Healthcare Facilities', 'REIT—Hotel & Motel', 'REIT—Industrial', 'REIT—Mortgage', 'REIT—Office', 'REIT—Residential', 'REIT—Retail', 'REIT—Specialty', 'Railroads', 'Real Estate Development', 'Real Estate Services', 'Real Estate—Development', 'Real Estate—Diversified', 'Recreational Vehicles', 'Rental & Leasing Services', 'Residential Construction', 'Resorts & Casinos', 'Restaurants', 'Scientific & Technical Instruments', 'Security & Protection Services', 'Semiconductor Equipment & Materials', 'Semiconductors', 'Shell Companies', 'Silver', 'Software—Application', 'Software—Infrastructure', 'Solar', 'Specialty Business Services', 'Specialty Chemicals', 'Specialty Industrial Machinery', 'Specialty Retail', 'Specialty Retail, Other', 'Sporting Goods', 'Staffing & Employment Services', 'Steel', 'Telecom Services', 'Textile Manufacturing', 'Thermal Coal', 'Tobacco', 'Tools & Accessories', 'Travel Services', 'Trucking', 'Uranium', 'Utilities—Diversified', 'Utilities—Independent Power Producers', 'Utilities—Regulated Electric', 'Utilities—Regulated Gas', 'Utilities—Regulated Water', 'Utilities—Renewable', 'Waste Management'

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