Automated Floor Plan Template
Originally published: 29/03/2021 13:47
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Automated Floor Plan Template

Create a layout plan for bedrooms, homes, offices, and more with our Floor Plan Excel Template!

Are you decorating a new house? Opening a new office? Need help designing a room? Our Floor Plan Excel Template is just the tool you need to help you create a plan in just a few minutes.

You can create a floor plan automatically on the grid page, separate from the drawing. Any changes made on the table will appear automatically after clicking the ‘Draw’ button.

Helpful info:
Scale- there is a one square cell dimension set but you can manually adjust this if needed. Keep in mind, this scaling may not be exactly accurate and remember that the smallest length is equal to the size of one square block.

Table- Make sure to describe the measurements and details of each object in the floor plan in the table, otherwise it won’t show in the floor plan. Fill in information like name, dimensions and start position.

Setups- You can save the floor plan you have already drawn by using the Save Preset button. You can save up to 60 plans using this template.

Floor Plan Template Features Summary:
- Draw up floor plans in Excel.
- Create room, office, or restaurant layout plans.
- Print ready.
- Informational notes included.
- No installation needed. Ready to use.
- Functional on both on Mac and Windows.
- Includes VBA code or macros.
- Compatible with Excel versions 2010 and later.

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