Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano
  • Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano
  • Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano
  • Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano
  • Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano
  • Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano
Originally published: 30/01/2017 10:33
Publication number: ELQ-94452-1
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Daily Gantt chart for 2 teams built on Modano

A simplified daily Gantt chart built on the Modano content management platform for Excel.

This is a simple daily Gantt chart for 2 teams doing a theoretical property development. By using Modano it is possible to expand this in a scalable manner across multiple teams or even reduce it back to 1 team.

This is simple as it doesn't contain any dependencies and other complexities that normally go with sophisticated Gantt charts.

But sometimes simplicity is more powerful than complexity and this tool can be used in the following ways:

1. Tracking team tasks by individual. Note the model can be expanded to an infinite number of members in the team and not just limited to what you download here.
Go to www.modano.com and download a free license to see how powerful this tool can really be !

2. Tracking team and individual staff performance of tasks over a designated period which is also expandable across time. If your task is 1 week or 52 weeks track it easily and expand it horizontally just as easily.

3. Understand high level dependencies from other teams.

4. Alert and notified of past due tasks and get reasons for these delays which you can capture.

5. Process and project management on a daily basis.

6. Dashboard reporting that contains dynamic charts which can toggle to individual team members for nice honest conversation on what is going on.

7. All other features of Modano like a clickable table of contents, error and alert checking come standard of course.

visit us at www.modelcitizn.com if you want to find out more or watch our YouTube channel

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This business tool includes
1. Excel Model

Lance Rubin offers you this business tool for free!

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Further information

To help manage staff, resourcing, tasks, processes and performance.

Any simple project, process, team tasks, resourcing big or small. Simple to use.

Download www.modano.com to see how this model is extremely powerful and scalable across time and vertically across team members within and # of teams in total.

Excel based file, but note that this is protected currently without Modano.

High complex projects that have parent and child dependencies and other complex interconnected relationships.



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