Cap Table Vesting Excel Calculator
Originally published: 21/11/2017 11:45
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Cap Table Vesting Excel Calculator

Use to calculate vesting quarterly for personnel incentive ESOP plans.

Quarterly vesting means that if you have granted your employee shares, the shares can only be vested after 3 months. This prevents employees vesting their shares after one month and then quitting the company. Quarterly vesting means that employees will have to work for 3 months before being able to leave with all of the shares they have been granted. If the employee leaves before a 3 month time period, they get nothing.

So, from the date the employee's shares are approved and the vesting starts, they will have to wait 3 months to get a quarter of their annual share allocation.

If your company operates on 4 year vesting, each quarter they will receive 1/16 out of the total number of shares they have been promised.

This tool and model will talk you through how to calculate quarterly vesting.

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